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Paddletek Helo ProPoly Composite Honeycomb Paddle Review

The Lake of the Woods Pickleball Club (LOWPBC), as a member of PickleballCentral’s Paddle Review Program, had the opportunity to review Paddletek’s Helo ProPolyCore Composite Honeycomb paddle. This paddle is quite a change design from the paddles that all of our club members use. Many of our club members played with this paddle, from Beginners to Intermediates to Advanced.

Many of the players agreed that this is a paddle for those who like a short grip and lots of paddle. Personally, during my playing time with the paddle on my second day using it, I was able to feel more comfortable with it and was able to get several short shots and at least one high lob (I am 6’1”) that I know I wouldn’t have gotten with my regular paddle, which is 1 ¼” shorter. I was very happy with those returned shots! Many of the players that used the paddle felt the same way. The Helo is a paddle that takes a player some time to get adjusted to the longer and narrower design, but the rewards for sticking with it are worth it.

One of our players even called it her “Magic Paddle” as she played as well as she has ever played using the Helo paddle. She even said that she was going to put it on her Christmas wish list.

Whether a player is short or tall, this new design affords them an opportunity to get shots that the conventional paddles can’t do. I also noticed that the narrower design made no difference in getting shots. The weight of the paddle made for quick movement of the paddle enabling players to return fast and hard shots that were hit to them. Even with a shorter grip than my regular paddle, I had no control or handling problems.

Our top player here at Lake of the Woods really enjoyed playing with the Helo. He said that it really had some “pop” to it. He would consider it when buying a new paddle.

Overall, the Helo is a pleasure to use to play the game of pickleball. With the different design, it does draw people’s attention and curiosity.

On behalf of our club members, I want to thank PickleballCentral for giving our players a wonderful opportunity to demo this paddle. This Paddle Review Program provided our players with the chance to use a new type of paddle that they probably wouldn’t have ever tried otherwise.

Greg Stoner, LOWPBC Instructor and Advisor to the Board

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